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Christian Ministry in State Schools

NEW: NSCP Project Agreement

Download 2019-2023 National School Chaplaincy Program - Project Agreement.pdf (Size: 996.07 KB)


The TCC President liaises with the Tasmanian Education Department and Tasmanian employers of school chaplains.  The TCC provides training for those volunteers conducting Religious Instruction programs in State Schools.  The TCC Executive is responsible for promoting Schools Sunday in Tasmanian churches which is observed on the third Sunday in February each year.  In 2020, Schools Sunday will be observed on 16 February. 

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Education Department of Tasmania (DoE)
   -  National School Chaplaincy Programme: Guidelines for Tasmanian Government Schools, 4 December 2014 - Download link is below
   -  Religious Instruction in State Schools, Guidelines - Download link is below
   -  Religious Education in Tasmanian Government Schools, Information Sheet

Scripture Union Tasmania (DoE Recognised Chaplaincy Services Provider)
   -  SU Schools Programs
   -  SU School Chaplaincy

Hobart City Mission (DoE Recognised Chaplaincy Services Provider)
Devonport Chaplaincy Incorporated (DoE Recognised Chaplaincy Services Provider)

Commonwealth Education Department
   -  National School Chaplaincy Program
   -  National School Chaplaincy Program Guidelines (July 2012)
   -  Download the Project Agreement for the National School Chaplaincy Programme below.

The latest news on funding for the "National School Chaplaincy Program", and the independent review of that program for the Federal Department of Education & Training are in the three links below.  The independent review came to extremely favourable conclusions about the operation and effectiveness of the program.

Download 2019-2023 National School Chaplaincy Program - Project Agreement.pdf (Size: 996.07 KB)

Download Chaplaincy Funding Update, June 2018.pdf (Size: 473.25 KB)

Download NSCP Evaluation Report, 31 May 2018 - Kantar.pdf (Size: 2.04 MB)

Documents for downloading: Chaplaincy & CRE Guidelines

Download National School Chaplaincy Programme - Guidelines for Tasmanian Government Schools.pdf (Size: 601.08 KB)

Download Religious Instruction in State Schools.pdf (Size: 243.39 KB)

Download Project_Agreement_nat_school_chaplaincy.pdf (Size: 1.54 MB)

Download National-School-Chaplaincy-and-Student-Welfare-Program-Guidelines JULY 2012.pdf (Size: 367.99 KB)