Tasmanian Council of Churches


Executive of the TCC

Download Memberhip of Executive, 2018-2019, as at 13 February 2019.pdf (Size: 53.78 KB)

The Executive of the Tasmanian Council of Churches acts as the Standing Committee for Council between Council meetings.  Executive meets at least three (normally four) times a year.  The Executive includes all Heads of Churches, Council Officers, Conveners of Commissions of the Council, a representative of each Associated Body, a representative appointed by each Member Church, up to five elected by the Annual Meeting, and up to three others co-opted by the Executive. 

Council Officers (current to 21 September 2019):

President:                                        Sr Elizabeth Vagg, PBVM
Vice-President:                               Envoy Basil Giffard
Immediate Past President:          The Reverend Jeff Gray
Treasurer:                                        Mr David Clarke

Executive Working Group

The four Council Officers form the Executive Working Group (EWG) which oversees TCC affairs between meetings of the Council's Executive.  The EWG is responsible to and reports to Executive.